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Saunders Diaphragm Spares

Backed by expert professionals, we are leading Saunders diaphragm spares supplier, manufacturer, and exporter. Saunders has showed the way in the diaphragm valve technology and has been the inventor of various innovating products such as PTFE diaphragms, compact actuators, modified PTFE diaphragm, Multi layered diaphragm for corrosive applications, etc. The range of spares comprises of spare body diaphragms, spare actuator diaphragms, bonnet assemblies, valve bodies, spare actuators, passivation diaphragms, pneumatic accessories such as solenoid valves, limit switches, air preparations units, etc. Moreover, spares of entire range of pharma application in accordance to stringent pharma compliance are also available.

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The 100% virgin PTFE contact face is chemically inert, offering improved corrosion resistance and extending diaphragm lifetime in the most aggressive of services. This inertness of the PTFE diaphragm avoids the application to percolate through the diaphragm and avoids corrosion on the valve bonnet area eventually ensuring a very long life when compared to other competition.

The revolutionary design of two-piece modified PTFE / TFM Diaphragms is engineered for prolonged lifetime performance specifically for steam media. For extended duration of steam application special Endurance EX Grade (TFM backed by Silicone) diaphragms are recommended which are capable of handling temperature up to 175° C. This results in additional savings due to reduced labour cost and increased productivity.

Saunders UK Made PTFE diaphragms are a robust two-piece leaf type design incorporating a virgin PTFE wetted face with a fabric reinforced elastomer backing. Saunders has hereby front to back ownership of all phases of diaphragm development and manufacturing; all aspects of Saunders diaphragms have been designed, tested and optimized, by a team of in-house polymer technologists, to provide the highest level of in-service performance.